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I Just Want That ONE Star
Tuesday, 21 June 2011
I Just Want That ONE STAR

LOL Its 45min to the end of my brithday!!! 21st June!!! Yay! It was a blast! Haha even though i had econs remedial in the morning, (was damn sucky, spiced with Mdm R and her tests) I went out with my friends in the afternoon!! LOL Hmmm, who was there, Aik seng, Jia Wan, Yi Fan, Edison, Cheena, Darren Teo! LOL Thanks so much for surprising me with the fish & co thingy LOL. ( I told you all not to eat there, see no discount!!!) We had a good laugh, some retarded moments but all was fun. Haha! Had a great afternooon! Btw thanks for the presents!! LOL My mum was wondering why got so many bags Haha! What a blast this day this has been. Well, i am supposed to do a exclusive write up on everyone but i felt it was not needed. (Right???? ^^) Haha i just got 1 sentence for everyone: I am NOT going to pay for any of your presents!!!! Hahahahah! Joking!!! Kay lah, 1 word to describe: "Awesome" Haha who needs money when you have awesome friends!! (Not that i dun want money or anything Heeehee ^^) Thanks again and hope i am able to do the same for your birthday! Haha =)
Wishing for the star;

Sunday, 22 May 2011
I Just Want That ONE STAR

Question and answer, question and answer. When you ask a question, the other person will always expect you to answer it. But sometimes, there are no answers to that question. Why is it that people feel differently from each other. You may think you know that particular person but only to find out that you have much more to learn other him or her. It is always the same question. Can i trust her? Is he reliable? Well, the other day i met someone just randomly on the streets. My friends and i were eating our desserts (Yum!) when this lady started hurling sacarstic remarks at us because we did not ask for her permission to take her stool. Initially i confess that i really was irritated by her. For a fat lady in her 50s, only 1 word went thru my mind. "Mid-Life-Crisis". But after she started explaining her theories and logic regarding what she said, i started to see the light. One of all the valuable advices she gave to us was to "trust no one, and take no prisoners". Only time will tell if your friends are true to you. Ask yourself, in times of need, are they there for you? Will they make sacrifices for you. If it is no for the above questions, it won't take a dummy to know that this friend of yours is nothing but a hypocrite.

I would not say myself as the best friend a person could get, or the most reliable buddy a person can have but i am sure that i will change, of course for the better. I know my flaws and i will do all that i can to make sure it disappears from the face of my life. Haha wish me luck! ^^
Wishing for the star;

Sunday, 10 April 2011
I Just Want That ONE STAR

Today, i had good chat with my dad. Haha its smth that i dont always do. But when we do it, nvr once did i feel that it was non-beneficial. It was helpful, one way or another. It was a conversation regarding values, and how to be a good hearted person. Sounds simple right? Yea, i thought so too. I always thought that being a good person, we just have to help others when in need, and dont create trouble for others. But after today, i realised that all i have thought b4 was just empty talk. As a christian, i value God alot. But i haven really understood what message he is conveying regarding helping the poor. My dad told me of a millionaire, who had nothing to his name. Yes, nothing at all. Yet he is a very happy man. He, as a lawyer, practiced law for almost all his life, and helped countless number of ppl till the point where he forgets who he has helped. However he invests in businesses. Whenever he has some profits, he will split the earnings among his family member, his wife and his children, and for charity and keeps almost nothing for himself. (About $400 weekly for his expenses) He said a verse to my dad, which he told me. The man said this, "we should always keep 1 leg for the poor and 1 leg for the Lord." He is a very faithful muslim. Yet his values are surprising similar to that of christians, which shows how close we are actually related. It was inspirational and i learnt that being a kind hearted person really boils down to what you do that makes a difference. It doesnt mean that we have to give up everything we own like this commendable man, but we do have to make an effort to help those who are really in need. Start small first so that it can pave us to do more in the future.

1 leg for the poor, 1 leg for the Lord. Are you willing take up this commitment? Its your choice.
Wishing for the star;

Friday, 11 March 2011
I Just Want That ONE STAR

Finally, after years of awating, i am going to AOF!!! 5!!!! Since AOF started in 2007, i've yearning to go to cambodia to serve the community there! And after many years of failed attempts to convince my parents to let me 'free', they finally said yes! Omg! This gotta be one of the most amazing miracles in my life! No-s for year 1, year 2, year 3 and year 4 and finally...a YES! Woohoo!! i am soooo exicited!!! I am leaving on sunday morning at 6 am. I will be arriving there at around 10am. It will be a short jet-star flight to cambodia. However i still cannot wait to get there!!! Hopefully the experience will be meaningful and enriching so that i will be able to learn from the cambodian people. =) Wish me luck!!
Wishing for the star;

Tuesday, 8 February 2011
I Just Want That ONE STAR

JC1 Life Officially Begins!

Tmr is the start of my lectures! mixed feelings about them. I am like soooo curious to find out how its like in a real lecture but i am sooo afraid of the problems and hardship it will bring. Once started, there is no stopping, let alone turning back. Its a one way road...

Anyway, i met some really cool friends in JC! Hahahaha! They are my first friends in ACJC! Oh ya! forgot to say, i am in ACJC now!! heee! A fresh start! what i have been waiting for! LOL!!

Today i had sakae with aik seng and jia wan!! Lol now they are my new lunch buddies! We ate and ate and ate... and ate.... and ate and ate... =) super sinful i tell you. The mayo was... Mmmmmmm....and the sushi was...Mmmmm.. =D

Okay, this is a short post because i gotta sleep liao. Long day ahead for me. As the saying goes, "Having enough sleep, is half the battle won." You want to know who said that???

Me. Hahahhaahaha =D

Good night.
Wishing for the star;

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